Introducing Machaneh18 Ha'Cholmim

National Events 2019

Mini Machanot

Two weekends 22nd-24th March (CT and JHB). The dates for Mini-Machaneh 2 will be confirmed at a later date. These aim to give channichim of all ages a taste of the Habo magic!

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April Seminar

Our top leadership program for Grades 11 and 12. This seminar is a time away on our beautiful campsite in Onrus during the Pesach break for our oldest channichim and youngest bogrim. A fully pesadika week, where we learn and engage with what it means to be a leader in the movement. 

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Our three week Israel Program for Grade 10’s from all over South Africa. A chance to explore the beauty of Israel through the eyes of a Habonim Dror Southern Africa channich. 

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