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From The Desk Of The Mazkirim: January 2018

Shalom Channichim, Bogrim and Parents It’s been an absolute whirlwind of a start to 2018 with tons of activity already having taken place in the movement throughout January. Each month a new edition of From the Desk of the Mazkirim will be sent out in order for all to keep up with what’s happeni…

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Dear Channichim

Dear Channichim We know that the last two months may have been a confusing time for you. The past two months has seen our Mazkir Klali (Secretary General) resign and leave Habo, to then be followed by a confusing blog filled with stories you don’t understand and social media attacks aimed at the b…

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Shnatties Take On Movember!

Shalom Chaverim! Some of our Shnatties have teamed up with participants on Bnei Akiva South Africa Limmud and MTA programmes to partake in Movember and raise funds for men’s health. This comes after the group enjoyed a seminar together last week where they discussed projects on which they co…

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