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From The Desk Of The Mazkirim - July 2016
Wed, 2016-07-13 13:56

From The Desk Of The Mazkirim
July 2016

Shalom Channichim, Bogrim and Parents

The first half of the year has flown by, and it has been incredible for Habonim Dror! We have run many events for countless chaverim, been involved in Jewish communal activities, and we are confident in saying that this first half of 2016 has been a resounding success.

This is the third installment of the monthly From The Desk Of The Mazkirim which aims to serve as a monthly update on the happenings of HDSA. Please see the national update below, as well as a list of upcoming events. We apologize for having not sent an update since the end of March.

As always, if you have any questions about movement activities, please feel free to email either of us on the addresses below.
Kelly ( and David (

We are incredibly excited about the year so far and cannot wait for the amazing things still to come!

Aleh Ve’Hagshem
Kelly Brook David Schwartz
Mazkira Klalit Movement Worker

1. Machaneh Launch
2. April Leadership Seminar
3. Habo Now
4. Shlichim
5. Shorashim
6. Cape Town Ken
7. Joburg Ken
8. Shnat 2016 Update
9. National Bogrim Seminar
10. Hanhaggah II
11. Upcoming Events and Activities

Machaneh 2016
We are incredibly excited to announce the name and dates for Habonim Machaneh 2016. This year the Camp VP has changed up the game a bit and have decided to call our camp 16מחנה (Machaneh16). The change in the style of Machaneh name was for a few reasons. Firstly, we are a Jewish Youth Movement who values our culture and heritage, and one of those things is the Hebrew language. We think it’s important for Jewish youth to be interacting with Hebrew more often and in a non-school environment. Secondly, in previous years we have always had a name that was connected to our educational vision for the Machaneh (like time to act in 2015), but we feel like our Machaneh’s educational focus should be directed at all the values and ideals that the movement cares about and so by not limiting ourselves to a specific name we will have greater education on Machaneh this year. 16מחנה is from 8-28 December 2016 and is already shaping up to the Habo’s best one yet. Make sure that you (or your kids) don’t miss out!

April Leadership Seminar
Every year our Shomrim (Grade 11s) and Bogrim 1s (Grade 12s) come together for a seminar during Pesach on our Onrus campsite. This year was no exception with more than double the number of participants in 2015 partaking in the incredible leadership-training seminar. Led by 12 fantastic Maddrichim, the seminar consisted of learning about Habo, being a maddrich, bonding and having fun together. The seminar was incredibly successful and has certainly put the movement in good and capable hands for many years to come. Having the seminar over Pesach adds an extra dynamic as not only is the time period more significant for us as Jewish youth, but it also meant that our Mitbach team had their work cut out for them as all the food had to be Pesadika (they did a great job!). Well done to Josh Gordon, Rosh April Seminar, for putting together a fantastic seminar!

Habo Now
Habo Now was a really great time for Habonim in 2016. Habo ran a predominantly social media campaign from the 15th – 22nd May where we got out Habo’s vision for 2016 as well as the movement’s ideology. We ran peulot for bogrim and shomrim as well as a parents and community meetings in Joburg and Cape Town. We received a lot of positive feedback from the community and chaverim about this campaign as it highlighted all the positives Habonim has to offer. This campaign put us in a good space for the rest of the year. If you would like to check out this campaign you can go to

The bittersweet time of year is fast approaching when we have to say goodbye to our two fantastic Shlichim and also welcome to our movement two new amazing Shlichim. The first Shlicha we are saying goodbye to is Yael Noy, who has been our Youth Shlicha in Cape Town since September 2015. She has given so much to the movement over the last year and we are going to be very sad to see her go. The second Shaliach we are saying goodbye to is Itzik Naor, who has been our Shaliach in Cape Town since October 2015. He has given us so much help and guidance as someone who is more experienced than all of us, and he is of course Israeli which always helps! Itzik and Yael have been very busy over the last year between running classes in Herzlia and peulot for our Maddrichim. The two of them will be missed dearly! We are also excited to be welcoming two new Shlichim to our movement! Heading to Cape Town to be a Youth Shaliach is Nadav Shoukroun who will be arriving early September. He will be picking up where Yael left off and will bring a new energy into the Cape Town Ken. He has just completed his service in the IDF and is looking to be involved with diaspora Jewish youth. We also have a Shaliach coming to Joburg which is very exciting as we haven’t had one here in quite some time. Danny Abebe will be coming to Joburg to play a role similar to what Itzik has done in Cape Town. He and his family are too excited to be joining us to change the lives of Jewish youth across SA. We hope to see them arrive before the end of the year.

On the 30th of June, 33 Grade 10 channichim embarked on a once in a lifetime tour of Israel with Habo. The group will be spending 3 weeks touring Israel with their 5 maddrichim (4 from Habo SA and 1 from Israel) where they will get to learn about its deep history and culture. They are going from top to bottom and side to side. Getting to see every facet of Israeli life. Between visiting the Kotel on Shabbat and chilling on the beach in the Israeli heat and staying on a Kibbutz, they are all getting to experience Israel in the fullest way possible. For many of them it is the first time visiting Israel, but we have no doubt that after Shorashim they will all be dying to go back – maybe on Shnat 2019?

Cape Town Ken
The Cape Town Ken has been incredibly busy over the last few months. The Habonim Bayit in CT has seen hundreds of faces experiencing the fun, education and friendship that Habonim Dror has to offer. The Ken hosted an incredible 3rd Seder that showed Shomrim and Bogrim a different way to go through the Pesach Seder that was fun, educational and really meaningful. They have hosted more Shabbat services on a Friday evening and have kept up the regular Wednesday and Friday night meetings for Maddrichim. School visits have been kept regular which has kept our interaction with channichim to the max! So much else has been going on that it’s too hard to fit it all in here, and there is still plenty more to come. Our Mini Mach 2 in Cape Town is happening over 26th-28th August which is bound to be a great success.

Joburg Ken
There has been so many incredible events happening in and around Joburg over the last few months. Our Bayit in Joburg has been buzzing with so many faces, old and new, who are enjoying everything that Habo has to offer. The traditional Friday Night Meetings have resumed and every week has seen large groups of people gathering at the Bayit to have incredible things run for them by many different people. There was a great Lag B’Omer bonfire, special dinners for different chaverim and more going on. Every weekend a group of around 12 Bogrim tutor Grade 4-6 kids at a school in Alex where they need extra help. The kids always look forward to our sessions and everyone can’t wait until school holidays are over in order to resume tutoring. The JHB Mini Mach 2 is fast approaching and will happening over 19th-21th August.

Shnat 2016 Update
Our Shnaties have finished their life-changing 4-month portion of Shnat called Machon after experiencing their Pesach Chofesh where they went to different festivals around Israel, after enjoying many more Machon classes and experiencing the North of Israel on Northern Tiyul. They all graduated from Machon, said goodbye to their Machon friends and moved on to the next part of Shnat. They had their second chofesh before they started Gibbush Seminar which was an introductory period into the second part of Shnat called Autum Kaveret. Autum Kaeveret has been an incredible experience for the Shnaties as they are learning to live with their Kvutzsa in their house in Haifa, have started talking about doing Kuppah and are working with Hanoar Haoved Kenim in Israel. There is still a lot more to come and exciting stuff to experience for the Shnaties however we are all very excited for them to come back as we miss them dearly.

National Bogrim Seminar
Twenty-three keen and ready Bogrim headed off to Grahamstown during the National Arts Festival for our annual Bogrim Seminar. We had 7 days filled with interesting theatre, live music, inspirational peulot and a lot of bonding. We discussed lots of movement related topics, immersed ourselves in the Grahamstown culture and overall had a lot of fun. The group is certainly ready to tackle the next half of the year with energy and determination. Well done to Talia Anstey, Rosh Bogrim Seminar, for pulling off a great experience for all.

Hanhaggah II
The second meeting of the Hanhaggah Artzit (National Executive of HDSA) will be meeting over 21th-24th July in Cape Town to discuss important movement related issues and make some big decisions. Among other things, we will be voting in all of the Roshim for Machaneh as well as the Mazkirim for 2017. Hanhaggah is always an exciting time for the movement and democracy and we are sure that this will be no different.

Upcoming Events and Activities
19-21 August: Mini Mach 2 – Johannesburg
26-28 August: Mini Mach 2 – Cape Town
8-28 December: Machaneh

Alongside these events, many more (smaller) events will be run in both Kenim for Channichim and Maddrichim so keep an eye out for more information on those. There will definitely be great events run for the upcoming Chaggim so keep your eyes peeled. For any information on upcoming events in CT, please email Zach on and for Joburg, please email Jayce on

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HABO NOW! 15-22 MAY 2016
Sun, 2016-05-15 20:57

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