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HDSA announces Machaneh Hazman Lif'ol! (9 - 29 December)
Thu, 2015-06-25 11:28

HDSA announces Machaneh Hazman Lif'ol (9 - 29 December)

Habonim Dror Southern Africa is proud to announce Machaneh Hazman Lif'ol. This December, young Jews from all over South Africa and the world will come together for the most incredible 3 weeks of their lives so far. Machaneh Hazman Lif'ol promises to be the most well organised, fun, educational and inspiring time for anyone who attends.

Do not miss out on the magic of Machaneh Hazman Lif'ol!

HDSA statement on recent comments by the Wits SRC president
Tue, 2015-04-28 16:16

HDSA official statement on recent comments by Wits SRC president

Habonim Dror Southern Africa is appalled by the recent comments of Mcebo Dlamini, the Wits SRC president. We are further distressed by his recent interview on radio where he defended his comments stating that ‘he admired the leadership qualities of Adolf Hitler.’
HDSA calls for the immediate removal of Mcebo Dlamini from the SRC and an unequivocal apology to all South Africans for his recent comments.