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HABO NOW! 15-22 MAY 2016
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From The Desk Of The Mazkirim - March 2016
Wed, 2016-03-23 16:32

From The Desk Of The Mazkirim
March 2016

Shalom Channichim, Bogrim and Parents

The year has been off to an incredible start for Habonim Dror! We have run many events for countless chaverim, been involved in Jewish communal activities, and we are confident in saying that this first quarter of 2016 has been a resounding success.
This is the second installment of the monthly From The Desk Of The Mazkirim which aims to serve as a monthly update on the happenings of HDSA. Please see the national update below, as well as a list of upcoming events.

As always, if you have any questions about movement activities, please feel free to email either of us on the addresses below.
Kelly ( and David (

We are incredibly excited about the year so far and cannot wait for the amazing things still to come!

Aleh Ve’Hagshem
Kelly Brook
Mazkira Klalit
David Schwartz
Movement Worker

1. Cape Town Mini Machaneh
2. Joburg Mini Machaneh
3. Machaneh 2016 Va’ad Poel
4. Cape Town Ken
5. Joburg Ken
6. Small Centres Activities
7. Shnat 2016 Update
8. New Habonim Shlicha
9. Israel Leadership Tour
10. Upcoming Events and Activities

Cape Town Mini Machaneh
Over the weekend of 11-13 March, our Onrus campsite saw over 130 Channichim and Maddrichim come together to spend an incredibly special and memorable Shabbat on our first Mini Machaneh for the year. Cape Town Mini Machs are known for being jam-packed with fun, bonding, meaningful Shabbats, making new friends and playing on the soccer court – and this Mini Mach was no exception to that. Our Maddrichim worked tirelessly in order to put together a weekend that would give all of our returning Channichim the experience they know and love, and to give all of the new Channichim a taste of the Habo magic! The Mini Mach VP (Steering Committee) was made up of Zena Kruss-Van Der Heever and Jessie Froman as the Co-Roshim of Mini Machaneh, and Scott Roberts who was Rosh Chinnuch(Education). These 3 managed to pull off one of the biggest Mini Machanot we have seen in a while and made sure that every Channich went home with a huge smile on their faces and with Habo in their hearts. We wish to thank CSO for once again providing a safe environment for everyone to enjoy their weekend with Habo.

Joburg Mini Machaneh
Last weekend, 18-20 March, we had an incredibly successful Joburg Mini Machaneh. We once again had it at the beautiful Magalies Retreat just outside of Johannesburg. Channichim stepped off of the bus, got settled in, and then proceeded to have a very special Shabbat service followed by a delicious Shabbat dinner. The weekend was spent playing with friends, having so much fun with all of the facilities available, and engaging in peulot that made channichim feel closer to Israel and start to think about how they can make the world a better place. There wasn’t a second that went by without something for everyone to be doing, and without the screams of lots of Channichim having the time of their lives. This weekend was surely memorable for everyone involved. Well done the Mini Mach VP who were Dean Goldin (Rosh MM), Eli Smith (S’gan Rosh MM) and Yossi Bank (Rosh Chinnuch) for planning such a successful event! We wish to thank CSO for once again providing a safe environment for everyone to enjoy their weekend with Habo.

Machaneh 2016 Va’ad Poel (Steering Committee)
We are incredibly excited to announce our Machaneh Va’ad Poel (‘Camp VP’) for Machaneh 2016 (8-28 December). This is the team of people that have already started working on Machaneh 2016 in order to ensure that it is the best possible 3 weeks. Habonim Machaneh is the ONLY place to be this December! Everything from travel, food, Mishlachat (Israeli delegation), education and more is already being organized in order to provide the hundreds of channichim that will be in Onrus this December with an unforgettable experience.  
The Camp VP is made up of the following 5 people:
Rosh Machaneh: Kelly Brook
S’gan Rosh Machaneh: David Schwartz
Rosh Chinnuch(Education): Adam Dison
Camp Organizer: Saul Anstey
VP Assistant: Josh Gordon
Make sure to diarize the dates (8-28 December) in order to avoid missing out on any of the Habo magic this December!

Cape Town Ken
The Cape Town Ken has been incredibly busy over the last few weeks. The Habonim Bayit in CT has seen hundreds of faces experiencing the fun, education and friendship that Habonim Dror has to offer. In late February, we saw the first ever Habonim Shabbat Service run for anyone in the community who wanted to be there. The service was put together by a group of Habonim Maddrichim with the aim of making a Friday Night Service that was engaging, exciting and most importantly, meaningful. If you would like to be notified of the next Friday Night Service, please email Zach on A group of Bogrim have been tutoring at a High School in Lavender Hill every week as a way to help combat the education crisis our country is currently facing. There are alternating Wednesday and Friday night events for our Shomrim and Bogrim every week. These events are spaces that allow everyone to chill with each other, engage in meaningful peulot, and just have fun in a healthy way and in the Habo spirit. These events have seen unprecedented turnouts every week which just goes to show us that Habo in CT is alive and well. The Rakazim body had their opening seminar where they discussed how they are going to get Channichim more involved in Habonim Dror activities throughout the year and ensuring that all of our Channichim are experiencing the Habo magic all year round. There have been many other exciting events including museum-hopping for Human Rights Day and other fun and educational activities. We look forward to more and more opportunities in Cape Town.

Joburg Ken
There has been so many incredible events happening in and around Joburg over the last few weeks. Our Bayit in Joburg has been buzzing with so many faces, old and new, who are enjoying everything that Habo has to offer. There have been a few Wednesday night events that have allowed Shomrim and Bogrim to engage with each other and participate in peulot that are meaningful and fun. The traditional Friday Night Meetings have resumed and every week has seen large groups of people gathering at the Bayit to have incredible things run for them by many different people. Earlier in March a group of Bogrim visited the Workers Museum together and afterwards discussed the issue of migrant labour in our country. There was also a great Human Rights Day event at the Bayit where Bogrim were able to engage with our country’s past and current challenges. There is still so much coming up and we are really excited to see what happen next in Joburg,

Small Centers Activities
Channichim in Port Elizabeth and Durban have had the chance to experience Habo magic this year when we visited both cities last month. Two different groups of Maddrichim spent a weekend in these small centers – running cool peulot for Channichim, going to the local Shul’s, and hosting fun social events on the Saturday evenings. It’s always such a pleasure getting to interact with these Channichim and we cannot wait for the next visits to each of these beautiful cities. Well done to Beth Mendelowitz, our Rosh Small Centers, for putting together these 2 fantastic weekends.

Shnat 2016 Update
Our 12 Shnat participants who left for their 10-month long programme in Israel in early February are all doing so well and loving life. They are currently living in Jerusalem on a life-changing 4-month portion of Shnat called Machon. They are living with and getting to interact with over 60 others from all across the world. They have spent their weekends travelling the country and exploring Israel for everything that it has to offer. Their Shnat Maddricha, Lucy, has been running weekly peulot for them where they are engaging in many different issues relating to Israel and South Africa. We miss this group like crazy already and know that they are going to continue to have the times of their lives.

New Habonim Shlicha
We are in the very fortunate position to already have 2 amazing and incredible Israeli Shlichim with us in Cape Town – providing an Israeli flare and influence in all Habo activities. Itzik and Yael have been doing amazing things for us in the schools and Bayit. But we have felt the lack of a Shaliach/Shlicha in Joburg and so we are incredibly excited to announce that we will be getting a Shlicha joining us in Jobrug from September! Dasha, who was a member of the Israeli Mischlachat on camp last year, will be coming to live in Joburg for a year to help spice up Habo and bring the Israeli flavor that we all love. Dasha, we cannot wait for you to get here!

Israel Leadership Tour
Nine of our fantastic Bogrim are embarking on a 10-day tour of Israel from 24 March to 3 April. They will be travelling the whole country engaging with its complexities and trying to gain further understanding on how we can help Israel overcome its challenges. This group is so lucky to be getting this experience and we know that they will come back full of passion and inspiration and will bring everything that they learn back to the movement. Well done to Micaela Jacobson, Rosh Israel Leadership Tour, for putting together a fantastic seminar. Have fun and enjoy Israel!

Upcoming Events and Activities
27 March (10am): Ice Cream Party at CT Bayit (for Gr3-6). Email for more info.
6 April: Shnat parents-meetings (CT&JHB) for Shnat 2017 potential participants. Email for more info.
27 April – 1 May: April Seminar for Gr11-12. Email for more info.
30 June – 19 July: Shorashim. Our premiere Gr10 3 week tour of Israel. Email for more info.
Alongside these events, many more (smaller) events will be run in both Kenim for Channichim and Maddrichim so keep an eye out for more information on those. For any information on upcoming events in CT, please email Zach on and for Joburg, please email Jayce on

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