What Is Habonim Dror SA?

We are a Jewish Zionist Youth Movement that has been operating since 1930.

The Movement in 2019

Habonim Dror Southern Africa (HDSA) operates in 2 major Kenim (centers) – Johannesburg and Cape Town. We aim to educate Jewish Southern African youth on Zionism, Judaism and concerns of Humanity. We aim to inspire Jewish Southern African youth to prioritise and actualise Judaism, Zionism and Service to Humanity in their lives, whilst living out the values of tolerance, peace, equality, freedom, respect and human rights.

With a focus on informal education, Judaism, Zionism and leadership building, the movement is constantly running events for its chaverim. These events range from weekly meetings to mini-machanot over weekends to Israel tours and programmes.

What Do We Believe In?

Our ideology is built upon three core pillars, as well as Hagshama (fulfillment).

Service to Humanity and Equality

Hagshama (Personal Fulfillment)

Habonim Dror Southern Africa sees hagshama as the personal fulfillment process which leads to achieve all the ideals of the movement and through which the chaver materialises the underpinning values and principles of the HDSA movement.

HDSA encourages each chaver to face life inspired by the ideals upheld by the movement. Hagshama is not a final goal but an ongoing process. Therefore, those who lead their lives consciously in pursuit of their values and values of the movement and work to change the world according to their beliefs are participating in the Hagshama process.

Finally, the movement believes that Chalutzic Aliyah (i.e Aliyah with the intent of affecting social change, and working to maintain a significant Jewish identity based on the values described in the Chukka), is a full embodiment of this ideological process.