Rosh AmelimFF
Daniel Rome

Hi, my name is Daniel Rome and I am a second generation Habonim Chaver. I have been involved with Habonim since my Sayarim Machaneh in 2018 and I have not looked back since. The lessons that I have learned have helped me in my day to day life and studies at university, a Bcom PPE, which is politics, philosophy and economics at Wits university. 

I am beyond excited to be taking Amelim this year as I was S’gan Rosh for this group of Channies last year. I loved connecting with them in Bonim and look forward to reuniting with them now! Amelim is the special year you get your Shichvah name you carry with you for the rest of your Habo career, and I am beyond excited to be giving it to them and solidifying their identity in the movement! I love that I get to part of this amazing journey with them.

Camp is a few months away, but it cannot come sooner!

S’gan Rosh Amelim
Brad Gottschalk

Hey Amelim! I’m so excited to be with you this Machaneh!! As head of Habo in Cape Town, I’m a super familiar face for many and while this is my first time as your Maddie, you may recognise me! 

Moving down from Joburg, I’ve successfully attained important Cape Town skills (such as getting my scuba license). I’m an incredibly committed community member and sit on the SAUJS committee, Limmud, and Zionist Youth Council. But my one true love has always been Habo and being a Maddie. From survival night, to naming ceremony, I’m going to bring incredible energy and fun to Amelim Machaneh this year!

S’ganit Rosh Amelim
Bianca Rosen

I’m Bianca Rosen and I’m studying Law at UCT. I’m 21 years old and have been part of Habonim since grade 7, my Bonim year. There is no doubt in my mind that Habonim Machaneh is the best way to spend your December. We often talk of our beautiful campsite, or the immersive projects we run, but the real magic is made through the life-long connections you create on Habo! 

I am unbelievably excited to be S’ganit Rosh Amelim this year and am looking forward to curating a Habo experience like no other! From reconnecting with my Channies from last year to welcoming lots of new faces, I look forward to creating lasting memories that everyone can take home with them. I cherish my memories so much from my years in Habonim and I can’t wait to be part of another unmissable Machaneh!

The Amelim Experience

The Orange One

Amelim means ‘workers’ and this is relevant to this year group since, with their newly-found identity, Amelim works toward carving out their own space in Habo and achieving new heights.  

Amelim is a transformative year. This is the year when the educational syllabus starts to engage with the Channies’ individual identity and where we play a role in helping them explore themselves and who they want to be. Moreover, a great emphasis is also placed on developing the group’s shared identity. This is the theme for Amelim. Their machaneh is packed with fun, with projects like Survival Night and Movie Night, and also sentimental highlights like their Naming Ceremony, whereby the Shichvah receives their own unique international name which will stay with them throughout their Habonim careers. 

With their sense of identity comes a taste of independence and freedom. Amelim Channies are encouraged to explore themselves and the world around them on Machaneh with boundless freedom to discover exactly where and how they want to fit in it. Weather it’s through learning in enlightening Peulot, dancing at Havdalah, chilling on the beach with friends, or playing soccer or cricket or ultimate frisbee on our fields, you can trust that our Amelim Channichim are doing it all with a sense of introspection. At 14, it is imperative we help them through that process of figuring themselves out. At the same time, having a later bedtime, activities designed to be engaging, and ample freetime ensures that whatever conclusions they come to are authentically their own. This age is prime time for self discovery, growth, and fun, and we make sure that happens on our Machaneh!