Rosh Bonim
Sasha Rodenacker

Ever since my first Habo programme, more than a decade ago, I have loved the space that Habonim creates. I have felt nurtured, challenged, and safe to be myself. It is this feeling of freedom and pure elation that I received all those years as a Channie, that I am determined to bring to this Machaneh. From amazing beach days, spending time on the soccer court, hanging with friends and engaging activities, such as the carnival, wrestlemania, Illegal immigration etc.. There is always something exciting happening at camp. 

In a personal capacity I feel well equipped to run an outstanding camp: having training in informal Jewish education in Israel, to my experience as S’gan Rosh of these kids last year, and the amazing leadership around me. Camp this year promises to be one to remember, catering to the needs of every Channie! 

From the Bonim team, we hope to see you there!

S’ganit Rosh Bonim
Sarah Stein

Hi, I’m Sarah and I am a Med Student at UCT, but Medicine is just a side project to my real passion: Bonim! Throughout the years, Habo has brought me an enormous amount of joy and love. The movement has allowed me to learn and explore in a capacity that school and university simply cannot offer. Habo offers me a second home – a place in which I truly flourish. I can’t wait to share this feeling with the Bonim Channies, and to ensure that they also find the Habo magic.

I’ve been hard at work to help the Habo team plan the most incredible Machaneh. Through stimulating discussion, energizing activities and engaging tasks of self discovery, the Bonim team intends on creating a December like no other.

I’m beyond excited to spend Machaneh with Bonim and to ensure that the time is nothing short of perfect

S’ganit Rosh Bonim
Hannah Rome

Hello! My name is Hannah and I am so excited to be spending my December holiday as S’ganit Rosh Bonim. I spent a gap year living in Israel, and I am now studying English and International Relations at the University of Witwatersrand.

Habonim has given me a place where I feel totally at home. My time in the movement has nurtured, grown, and made me into the person I am today, and I credit a significant part of my personal growth and critical thinking skills to my time spent on Habonim programs. I love being a Madricha, and have learnt so much from Habonim Channichim over the years. I can think of nothing more fun and exciting than Bonim Machaneh. I can’t wait to spend these weeks going to the beach, dancing, eating ice bites, having fun, and making unforgettable memories with you!

The Bonim Experience

The Blue One

Bonim means ‘builders’ as this is the year the Channies lay their foundation as a force within Habo. Whether it’s because of their unifying projects and Peulot, or the fact that this is the kids first time in tents, you can feel Bonim’s proud presence as they find their feet and build their future. 

Bonim’s educational theme is partnership, as we aim to educate Bonim Channies on the power of teamwork and the importance of collaboration. Illegal Immigration is an educational simulation of the undertaking of the Jewish resistance fighters from Europe to Eretz Israel in the 1940s. It highlights the collaboration needed in this mass Aliya. Bonim also has an Environmental Empowerment project, whereby they learn about the power that we have as a collective in fighting against climate change. 

Bonim is one of the most famous Machanot that we have to offer. Clearly, great emphasis is placed on passing tools to Bonim that help them make a real difference in the world as a group, which come in the form of immersive education about Jewish history and the ecosystem for example. However, more important than that is the need for these kids to have pure unadulterated fun, showcased in wrestlemania, Kikar olympics, and beach games. 

The experience and bragging rights of being in tents for the first time is also a highlight of Bonim. Having graduated from the Shtilim cabins, Bonim can boast not being the youngest on site anymore, and because of this, Bonim is the perfect place to start for someone who hasn’t come on camp before. These kids are encouraged to freely roam the world we create in December, and just have fun!