Help Send A Child To Camp!

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Help Send A Child To Camp!

By donating to Habonim today, you can help Habonim Dror send more financially needy Jewish youth on our camps and Israel programmes.

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Giving to Habonim Dror

Helps us run the movement, sponsor camps for our chaverim, and allows us to continue sending more and more Jewish youth on programmes to Israel. Every donation is used towards the ever increasing costs of events and activities.

Camps and Activities

While HDSA makes every effort to run our events and programmes at the cheapest possible prices, there are still Jewish families who are simply unable to pay the full price for events. Your donation will help us subsidize families in need.

Israel Programmes

With the ever weakening Rand, and increasing prices in Israel, our Israel programmes get more and more expensive each year. Sending our chaverim to Israel is a core effort of the movement, and so we use all money that we can to help send more chaverim to Israel.

Give Today!

Click below to give today! You can make a once-off donation, or join the many chaverim who pledge monthly in order to help send more Jewish youth on Habonim programmes. Donations can be made online by Credit Card, EFT, or by completing a donation form.

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