Machaneh 2023 Signup Process

Sign Up

Signing Up

The signup process for Machaneh is as safe and comprehensive as it is convenient and simple! Once you have successfully logged into your account, or created a new one,  simply click on the Machaneh event and follow the prompts. 

Don’t have time to sign up in one go? That’s no problem! Your position in the process is automatically saved at each step. You can always leave and come back to finish signing up later!

To sign up for Machaneh, we need to have your details in our database – this makes the signup process super simple!

The signup form itself explains exactly what is required of you at each of the 8 steps, and a more in depth details can be found bellow.

Thanks so much, and we look forward to seeing your signup!


1. Login
  • If you have attended one of our programmes before, please visit our signup page here and login with your username and password.

  • If you have not attended one of our programmes before, or you do not know your login details, please visit our signup page here follow the prompts at the bottom of the page. 

    • Alternatively, you can call our JHB offices via 011 786 7046 to retrieve your login details if you do not have them on hand.

2. Update Personal and Guardian Detail
  • It is imperative that the details we have on hand for any participant is up to date so that we know how to contact you.

3. Provide Us with Your Medical Details
  • 2 simple on-screen participants forms (Physical and Mental Health)
  • 1 printable doctors medical form to be filled in by your GP

4. Choose your Travel Options
  • We have standard travel options to and from Johannesburg and Cape Town, as well as to Plettenburg Bay.
  • You can also apply for alternative travel here 
    • this includes on alternative dates and to and from alternative destinations
    • please email to get a head start if you require alternative travel.

5. Accept the Camp Rules
  • Read and accept the on-screen rules
  • Print out, read, and sign the additional Indemnity and Consent forms

6. Provide us with Documents
  • Send us coppies of your ID and Medical Aid Card

7. Choose What ‘Extras’ You Would Like Included
  • This includes the Machaneh Hoodie, Tuckshop Money, and Donations
  • Please note, the Machaneh T-shirt is completely free!

8. Pay!
  • You can pay via
    • PayFast link
    • EFT
    • at our offices
  • You can also apply for a subsidy or payment plan here

In just 8 steps, you will be able to join us for a December of a lifetime!

Need Help Signing up?

Please do not hesitate to be in touch with any further questions regarding payment by contacting Mira with or calling our offices!