Habonim Machaneh

Life-changing 3 week summer camp in December!

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Habonim Dror Machaneh 2019 (6-24 December 2019)

Our largest event of the year – 3 weeks on our beautiful Onrus campsite surrounded by hundreds of other South African Jewish youth!

Located on the beautiful Onrus beach, the Habonim Campsite is one like no other. Living under the forest canopies, making friends from all over the country, experiencing Judaism in a way like never before, and having the most fun you could possibly have in your December holidays – this is what Habonim Machaneh is all about!

What Habonim Machaneh is All About

There are few experiences in life as unique as the South African Zionist Summer Camps – The Machanot. Every year at Habonim Dror Machaneh, thousands of young Jews are transformed into responsible, accountable and socially conscious young people.

For three weeks in December, Habonim Dror hosts a world-famous summer camp that is the highlight of thousands of young people’s year. Join us for three weeks of fun and sun on our beautiful campsite in Onrus. Sleep beneath the trees, relax everyday on the beach, play sport, learn new crafts, sing songs you’ll only ever sing at Habonim Dror, sit and chat around campfires and make life-long friends that will be a part of your life forever!

Habonim prides itself on maintaining the highest level of child-care which is guaranteed by our highly trained team of two hundred madrichim (counselors) – many of whom have spend a year in Israel undergoing intense hadracha (leadership ) and chinnuch (education) training.

Habonim is a safe and secure Jewish environment for kids from across Southern Africa – including Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, The Eastern Cape, Durban, Bloemfontein and babwe. Here, young Jewish children have the chance to meet one another and share in an identity-shaping Jewish and Zionist experience. We are privileged to have a number of foreign children and madrichim join us from Israel, Australia, the US and England, among other places.

Themes relating to Israel and South Africa are explored in depth as we give hundreds of children a sense of self and Jewish identity, coupled with a more critical and pro-active look at the challenges facing us and our surroundings. Children will return home with a strengthened value system, a stronger belief in themselves and as confident young adults.

The Machaneh Experience

General Camp Goodies

  • Experience a communal Shabbat with a host of options, ranging from the Cultural service to an Orthodox service.
  • 24 Hour, professional security (CSO).
  • Three well-balanced, nutritious and wholesome meals a day
  • A tuckshop that stocks all the goodies you need for true holiday fun.

Shichvah events that you will remember for years to come – these include, amongst others:

  • Shtilim Wedding ( Grade 5s and 6s )
  • The Shtilim Israeli Kibbutz (Grade 5s and 6s)
  • Bonim Illegal Immigration (Grade 7s)
  • Project Earth (Grade 7s)
  • Amelim Survival Night (Grade 8s)
  • The Amelim Naming Ceremony (Grade 8s)
  • The Amelim Judaism Seminar(Grade 8s)
  • Sollelim Revolutions & Bands Night (Grade 9s)
  • The Burning Man Festival (Grade 9s)
  • The famous Sayarim Carnival (Grade 10s)
  • Judaism Seminar (Grade 10s)
  • Sayarim Peace Ceremony (Grade 10s)
  • The Shomrim Talent Show (Grade 11s)
  • Projects Week (Grade 11s)
  • A well-prepared educational syllabus with regular peulot (activities) throughout camp
  • Learn independence and responsibility, as you clean, look after and respect your space and that of those around you
  • A Zionist and Jewish experience like no other – engage in the issues you’ll never grapple with anywhere else
  • A wide range of sports tournaments with hundreds of people watching you every night!

An intense group-bonding and friendship creating experience

  • Unbelievable ruach (spirit) and songs that will make you scream your lungs as you paint yourself proudly in your shichvah colours!
  • The most beautiful beach in the Western Cape – a minute from your tent!
  • The best facilities on any campsite in Southern Africa
  • Top international and local guests, shlichim and madrichim
  • World-class experienced leadership, amongst the best in any youth movement in the world
  • Revamped kitchen with an employed chef from Israel to ensure that your food needs are met every day, 3 times a day!