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Life-changing 3 week summer camp in December!

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Habonim Dror Machaneh 2019 (6-24 December 2019)

Our largest event of the year – 3 weeks on our beautiful Onrus campsite surrounded by hundreds of other South African Jewish youth! Located on the beautiful Onrus beach, the Habonim Campsite is one like no other. Living under the forest canopies, making friends from all over the country, experiencing Judaism in a way like never before, and having the most fun you could possibly have in your December holidays – this is what Habonim Machaneh is all about!

What Habonim Machaneh is All About?

There are few experiences in life as unique as the South African Zionist Summer Camps – The Machanot. Every year at Habonim Dror Machaneh, thousands of young Jews are transformed into responsible, accountable and socially conscious young people.

For three weeks in December, Habonim Dror hosts a world-famous summer camp that is the highlight of thousands of young people’s year. Join us for three weeks of fun and sun on our beautiful campsite in Onrus. Sleep beneath the trees, relax everyday on the beach, play sport, learn new crafts, sing songs you’ll only ever sing at Habonim Dror, sit and chat around campfires and make life-long friends that will be a part of your life forever!

Habonim prides itself on maintaining the highest level of child-care which is guaranteed by our highly trained team of two hundred madrichim (counselors) – many of whom have spend a year in Israel undergoing intense hadracha (leadership ) and chinnuch (education) training.

Habonim is a safe and secure Jewish environment for kids from across Southern Africa – including Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, The Eastern Cape, Durban, Bloemfontein and babwe. Here, young Jewish children have the chance to meet one another and share in an identity-shaping Jewish and Zionist experience. We are privileged to have a number of foreign children and madrichim join us from Israel, Australia, the US and England, among other places.

Themes relating to Israel and South Africa are explored in depth as we give hundreds of children a sense of self and Jewish identity, coupled with a more critical and pro-active look at the challenges facing us and our surroundings. Children will return home with a strengthened value system, a stronger belief in themselves and as confident young adults.

The Machaneh Experience

General Camp Goodies

  • Experience a communal Shabbat with a host of options, ranging from the Cultural service to an Orthodox service.
  • 24 Hour, professional security (CSO).
  • Three well-balanced, nutritious and wholesome meals a day
  • A tuckshop that stocks all the goodies you need for true holiday fun.

Shichvah events that you will remember for years to come – these include, amongst others:

  • Shtilim Wedding ( Grade 5s and 6s )
  • The Shtilim Israeli Kibbutz (Grade 5s and 6s)
  • Bonim Illegal Immigration (Grade 7s)
  • Project Earth (Grade 7s)
  • Amelim Survival Night (Grade 8s)
  • The Amelim Naming Ceremony (Grade 8s)
  • The Amelim Judaism Seminar(Grade 8s)
  • Sollelim Revolutions & Bands Night (Grade 9s)
  • The Burning Man Festival (Grade 9s)
  • The famous Sayarim Carnival (Grade 10s)
  • Judaism Seminar (Grade 10s)
  • Sayarim Peace Ceremony (Grade 10s)
  • The Shomrim Talent Show (Grade 11s)
  • Projects Week (Grade 11s)
  • A well-prepared educational syllabus with regular peulot (activities) throughout camp
  • Learn independence and responsibility, as you clean, look after and respect your space and that of those around you
  • A Zionist and Jewish experience like no other – engage in the issues you’ll never grapple with anywhere else
  • A wide range of sports tournaments with hundreds of people watching you every night!

An intense group-bonding and friendship creating experience

  • Unbelievable ruach (spirit) and songs that will make you scream your lungs as you paint yourself proudly in your shichvah colours!
  • The most beautiful beach in the Western Cape – a minute from your tent!
  • The best facilities on any campsite in Southern Africa
  • Top international and local guests, shlichim and madrichim
  • World-class experienced leadership, amongst the best in any youth movement in the world
  • Revamped kitchen with an employed chef from Israel to ensure that your food needs are met every day, 3 times a day!

Shtilim (Grade 5 and 6)

At Shtilim Machaneh, you can be assured of three dynamic activities a day, constant interaction between channichim and madrichim, a well-stocked tuckshop, free time on the beautiful Onrus beach and new friendships that will last forever! Shtilim’s focus on their community is a great way for channichim to discover their new Habonim environment and family, understand what responsibility is, learn about the Jewish community and partake in Shtilim’s exciting projects! These include the amazing kibbutz project’, the Shtilim wedding and a beautiful off-site tiyul. Our Shtilim channichim get the unique opportunity to stay in state-of-the-art cabins with newly renovated ablution facilities and a kitchen. Arts, crafts and sports tournaments are always available for our channichim during free-time and your child will never be bored!

Rosh Shtilim: Adam Blumenthal

Adam is an incredibly dedicated and hardworking member of the movement, proving his skills this year as Rosh Ken Johannesburg. He is super excited to lead the biggest and best Shtilim machaneh that Habonim Dror has ever seen! Currently studying Biomedical Engineering at Wits University, Adam is looking forward to spending his December on the beautiful Onrus campsite.

S'gan Rosh Shtilim: Aviva Phillips

Having spent last year in Israel on Habonim’s Shnat programme, Aviva is excited to be back home and sit on the Va’ad Machaneh for 2019. She is creative, fun-loving and great working with children. Aviva is busy studying a PPE at the University of Cape Town and is excited to apply all that she has learned to running the best Shtilim machaneh.

Bonim (Grade 7)

There is no doubt that Bonim Machaneh is an incredible Habonim Machaneh experience, and finally it’s your turn! With brand new tents, improved ablution facilities and round-the-clock madrichim, there’s no doubt that Bonim at Machaneh19 L’Dor V’Dor will absolutely rock the campsite! In understanding partnership in society and the heroes Habonim looks up to, this Machaneh is bursting with action, adventure, fun, laughter and so much more! Some of Bonim’s top highlights include Illegal Immigration, a simulation of the journey of the Jewish people from Europe to Eretz Israel in the 1940s as well as a brand new project! We eagerly await the ruach of the Bonim shichvah at Machaneh!

Rosh Bonim: Tor Kaplan

Armed with a contagious laugh and hardworking personality, Tor could not be more thrilled to lead Bonim machaneh at Machaneh19 L’Dor V’Dor. She is a Bonim veteran and knows the machaneh inside and out and is excited to add her own thrills. Tor is passionate about environmentalism and is looking forward to bringing more sustainability and awareness to Bonim machaneh.

S'gan Rosh Bonim: Thea Shapiro

Having just returned from Israel on our Shorashim programme, Thea is ecstatic to lead the blue builders this year on machaneh. Busy studying teaching at Wits University, she is planning on bringing her knowledge of child care and education to Bonim this year. Thea’s vibrant personality and energetic nature makes her the perfect candidate to take on the position to lead the most fun machaneh!

Amelim (Grade 8)

Amelim Machaneh will be the ray of sunshine that lights up Onrus this December. You’ll enjoy the full experience of creative education that you can only get at Habonim: to think, discuss, debate and enjoy, all at the same time! Days will be filled with fun, interesting sessions and more than enough free time. As you begin to engage with your identity and individuality, this is the machaneh where you’ll start to feel truly connected to the movement! A pioneering shichvah ready to make their mark this machaneh! A unified spirit is created between Amelim channichim all over the world when Amelim receive their unique international shichvah name this December. Top highlights include the Naming Ceremony, Survival Night, a brand new seminar and a day tiyul along the magnificent Garden Route.

Rosh Amelim: Emma Botha

Having been S’ganit Rosh Shomrim last year, Emma is looking forward to lead Givon on their first experience being madrichim. Having been an Amelim madricha before, she is planning on bringing her own personal flair to this incredibly important machaneh. Emma is a powerful leader and has Habonim’s values flowing through her veins. We couldn’t think of a better person to take on Rosh Amelim this year!

Rosh Amelim: Caylee Knopfmacher

Caylee’s passion for hadracha and childcare helps her in being the ultimate madricha for machaneh this year. Having been an Amelim madricha before, her knowledge and experience will only aid in planning and running the best possible Amelim machaneh that Onrus has ever seen. Having spent last year in Israel on our Shnat programme, Caylee can’t wait to apply everything she knows to this valuable machaneh.

Rosh Amelim: Jesse Lees

Having spent 2018 in Israel on Habonim’s gap year programme, Jesse is super excited about bringing all that he has learned to Amelim machaneh. Passionate about informal education and Habonim’s ideology, Jesse can’t wait to guide these channichim through their machaneh theme of identity. His ability to lead is certainly going to help Amelim machaneh succeed in every way possible!

Sollelim (Grade 9)

The Ogen shichvah are in for a treat as they reside in the most beautiful site on the campsite. They will sleep amongst trees and wake up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Sollelim focuses on the power of youth, emphasising that every person is capable of making real change in the world. As they are now amongst the older age groups, they will begin to realise the immense power that they hold as members of Habonim Dror. Top highlights include an unforgettable Band’s Night with a professional act; Burning Man Festival, an anti- consumerist experience of self-expression and teamwork as well as Empowerment Through Action (ETA) seminar: an opportunity to go into Hermanus town and make a mark.

Rosh Sollelim: Aaron Sher

A chinuchic powerhouse, Aaron can’t wait to lead Ogen through their machaneh of revolution and rebellion. Having been this shichvah’s madrich both in Shtilim and Bonim, he has been waiting for the day to be reunited with his powerful group of channichim. With a passion for fun and letting loose, we couldn’t think of anyone better to lead Ogen on their first machaneh as older channichim!

Rosh Sollelim: Jonthan Judin

Affectionately known as ‘Judin’, Jonathan is thrilled to be back with the Ogen shichvah after taking them as a madrich in Bonim. His commitment to the movement and years of experience make Judin the perfect fit to take on this position of leadership. With his love for having fun and going crazy, Judin is ready and waiting to give Ogen the best machaneh possible!

Rosh Sollelim: Gina-Lee Ellis

Passionate about current affairs and world issues, Gina could not be more excited about bringing her chinnuchic flair to Sollelim machaneh. Having spent last year on our Shnat programme in Israel, she is planning on bringing all that she has learned about hadracha and childcare to the Ogen shichvah. We couldn’t think of a better person to lead Sollelim this year at Machaneh19 L’Dor V’Dor!

Sayarim (Grade 10)

Eyal have returned after an absolutely mind-blowing Shorashim in Israel! This December, they will delve into what Habonim Dror is really about, as they really start to build their shichvah. Sayarim takes a step up in the level of engagement, independence, and fun as it explores a fresh new approach to the many concepts of freedom. Top highlights include: Planning and running the Sayarim Carnival, a highlight of any channich’s machaneh. The Peace Tekes is the ceremonial culmination of a two-day seminar run for the shichvah, looking at methods of peace within the Middle East, highlighting the importance of freedom as well as our role in creating change.

Rosh Sayarim: Josh Benjamin

Commonly known as ‘Grenj’, Josh could not be more excited to lead Eyal on their journey on Sayarim machaneh. Having just returned from a hugely successful Shorashim, he can’t wait to spend another December with his channichim on the Onrus campsite. Passionate about both fun and education, Josh is excited to help Eyal delve into what Habonim Dror is all about and bond the shichvah even more.

S'gan Rosh Sayarim: Kayla Borowitz

Having been Eyal’s madricha since Amelim, Kayla is thrilled about the chance to finally lead the shichvah as s’ganit rosh. With meticulous attention to detail and outrageous organisational skills, we don’t doubt that Sayarim machaneh will go off without a hitch. A natural leader and committed member of Habonim, Kayla can’t wait to share all of her knowledge and experince with her channichim this December.

Shomrim (Grade 11)

The three weeks of Shomrim facilitate the channichim’s transition to Bogrim (graduates) of the movement, as they grow into leaders. As the oldest shichvah, Nesher channichim experience a unique set of privileges and responsibilities that aim to mould them into madrichim. Top highlights include: The famous Shomrim fire, host to many a legendary discussion, debate and chill sessions; Projects Week – when Shomrim get a chance to take over running the campsite; and Graduation, the culmination of the machaneh, where each channich is welcomed into the Bogrim body. This moving ceremony tracks the life of the shichvah in a night dedicated to the group.

Rosh Shomrim: Jodie Sher

For Nesher’s last year as channchim, there is no better person to lead them on their way to the bogrim body as Jodie. Having been involved in every step of this shichvah’s journey as channichim, she is passionate about handing down all that she knows about hadracha, childcare and education to Nesher. With a keen eye for detail and skilled at organisation, Jodie will no doubt pull off the best machaneh that Nesher has ever had.

S'ganit Rosh Shomrim: Amber Gordon

A Nesher veteran, Amber can’t wait to give her channichim one last hoorah before they graduate into the bogrim body. Passionate about Habonim’s ideology and chinnuch, there is no better person to help Nesher learn about facilitation skills and what it means to be a madrich. Currently studying social work at Wits University, Amber is looking forward to applying all that she has learned to this incredibly valuable machaneh.

Kitchen Team

Every channich/a will be able to experience what it is like to work in the kitchen at machaneh. At Habonim we pride ourselves on being self-sufficient and creating a society that we are all fully responsible for, thus every child will go to the kitchen at least once to help prepare the meals for that day. This team will also be responsible for running the tuck-shop, stocked with treats to your heart’s content!

Rosh Meyasdim: Joseph Rosendorff

Not only is he a Habonim veteran but Joseph is a long standing member of the Meyasdim tzevet, deciding to take on the role of leading the kitchen team on machaneh this year. Commonly known as ‘JoRo’, he could not be more excited to interact with channichim everyday in mitbach but also make sure that everyone gets three tasty and nutritious meals a day. Don’t be shy to say hello – Joseph is always keen for a bit of banter!

Rosh Meyasdim: Jarred Fisher

Working hand in hand with Rosh Meyasdim, Jarred is here to make sure that the campsite always has enough of both crunchy and smooth peanut butter! Affectionately known as simply ‘Fisher’, Jarred is a committed member of Habonim Dror and someone who has taken its values and ideologies to heart. This year, he has decided to be involved in the behind the scenes running of machaneh and ensure that all things food related run seamlessly. Jarred is the guy to ask for an icebite on a hot day!

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