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Shalom Chaverim!

We all remember our incredible summers under the Onrus sun at Habonim Machaneh. The friendships, life-lessons, memories, and fun experienced are all so unique to Habonim. There are a few memories which, regardless of the era, connect generations in Onrus. That first Close The Doors at the beginning of Machaneh; gathering on the main mifkad (or Kikar Rabin) to bring in Shabbat; the iconic wooden stages that sit in the Chader-Ochels; crazy madrichim doing tarbut; the Shlichsville fire; the fire-lit ocean at Mifkad Esh and, ofcourse,  the centrepiece of the entire campsite, the towering MIGDAL.

As Lee Klawansky wrote, “On the central field of the movement’s camp-site in Hermanus a wooden tower was built, originally by Shomrim, the oldest shichva. This Migdal (tower) is symbolic of the first Jewish settlements built in Palestine by the early pioneer groups. Under British rule any settlement which did not have a tower and fence (choma) was made invalid and liable to be torn down by the authorities. The illegal immigrants had to build these two structures overnight in order to maintain validity of their settlement. Therefore all early kibbutzim had the migdal and choma structures. The migdal on the campsite is a tribute to these early pioneers and was built by the Shomrim as a way of teaching them about this period in Zionism history. Once again this active application of the movement’s heritage was a far more powerful method of education.”

To this day, the migdal remains a strong image of pioneering and an ode to our rich heritage. It is unfortunate that this iconic structure has reached its final days, more than 50 years after its initial construction. With channichims safety in mind, the current Habonim leadership has taken the difficult decision to retire the current migdal to a location along the fence which allows it to serve its traditional purpose –  to guard. An exact replica,  will be constructed in its place by a team of chevra led by Neville Sweijd and Camp Organiser, Dean Goldin.

The total cost of the project is R54 000,00. This covers all building costs associated with the new migdal. Should we raise in excess – two new and exciting kikar features will be added. The first of these is a jungle gym / swing unit next to volleyball court on Kikar Rabin. The second feature is a ZIPLINE from the top of the new migdal. 

We are appealing to all chaverim of the past to give generously towards this project for us to make it a reality. All donations, big and small, will be greatly appreciated and help towards rebuilding of the migdal in time for Machaneh this December!

All contributions above R540,00 will be acknowledged on a plaque in Docsville. Donations can be paid by Credit Card or by EFT to the following account:

Habonim Dror Foundation
Nedbank, Balfour Park (151105)
Account: 1511092491
Ref: Migdal – “Your Name”

Please email your deposit slip to in order for us to properly thank you.

Note: Donations over R5,000 are tax deductible (Habonim can issue you a receipt)

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* Donation Amount (R)
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Migdal Designs

For those who are interested, please find below the designs for the new Migdal!

Top View
Side View