What We Offer

We offer a wide variety of programmes for our members. The bulk of them are hosted on home turf on our beautiful beachfront forest Campsite in The Western Cape, at outsourced breath-taking venues in Gauteng, or at our very own Baytim (homes) in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Many of our programmes also take shape in the form of life-changing stays in Israel, as well as other international camps/tours. Take a look around and find out what we can offer you.

Israel and other International Programmes

Depending on the year, we run up to 4 trips to Israel, and 2 other international trips for our Chaverim. On these programmes we encourage participants to engage with their Zionism, and the history of the Jewish people.

South African Programmes

The bulk of our programming is done on home turf where we provide fun and insightful experiences for our Chaverim, and try get them to engage with our values and how they can fit their lives. These events/programs are specifically and well catered to a chaver’s age and ensures for a good time and life-long memories.

We host a variety of other regular and smaller events and have a have many initiative running concurrently. Find out how you can get involved in our community, and the Jewish and South African communities at large.


The biggest of Them All

At the end of every year, we host up to 1 000 Chaverim on our beautiful, green campsite right on the beach in Onrus. Over this 3 week Machaneh, we exist in a world which feels completely separate from the real one, and build friendships that last forever, have fun with friends in a way you can never anywhere else, and engage with the world and ourselves in ways never thought possible. Machaneh is truly the heart of our movement and a magical experience for all those who attend it. You don’t want to miss camp!

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We specialise in bringing lifechanging events and life-long memories to Jewish youth across Southern Africa. 

Aleh Ve’Hagshem
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