Rosh Shomrim
Aaron Kruss-van der Heever

After a long Habonim career to date of doing it all, I’m so thrilled to finally be a Rosh for a Shichvah. I often claim that everything I knows about anything, I learned in Habonim. I am so excited to be guiding Ze’ev through their Shomrim year, overseeing a smooth and inspiring transition from Channie to Maddie

My vast experience, including a stint as Mazkir Klali (National Chair of Habo) in 2022, ensures I am well equipped for all areas of childcare, education, development and logistics. 

I’ve loved the experience of getting to know Ze’ev throughout the year, and am looking forward even more to strengthening those bonds and creating lifelong memories on Machaneh.

S’ganit Rosh Shomrim
Jemma Bagg

Since 2018, I have been a committed Madricha for Ze’ev, having taken them since they were in Grade 6. After being their S’gan Rosh last year in Sayarim, I’m so happy to be able to lead them once again for their final year as Channies

I’ve been involved in Habonim since I was a Channie in 2010: I have plenty of knowledge, guidance, experience, and passion to pass on to Ze’ev, ensuring that they have another unforgettable Machaneh – their last as Channichim!

S’ganit Rosh Shomrim
Lula Pencharz

Since my Shtillim 1 Machaneh in 2013, I’ve known exactly where I’ll spend my December holidays..

Currently, I am studying psychology and politics at wits. But above my studies at university and school, I attribute most of my personal growth to the values and critical thinking skills that Habonim instilled in me. I was S’ganit Rosh Sayarim last year for Ze’ev and I’m so excited to take on the responsibility of planning the most fabulous and special last Channie experience for the Ze’ev Shichvah: filled with kef, chinnuch and Habo magic.

The Shomrim Experience

The White One

Shomrim means ‘guards’ as, since they are the most experienced Channies, Shomrim is expected to catapult the movement forward, nurturing and protecting it for future Channichim, the same way their Maddies have for them.

Ze’ev are returning to their final year as Channies: a truly must-do experience. The educational theme encapsulates the movement, Habonim Dror Southern Africa, holistically. One of the highlights of Shomrim Machaneh is Projects Week, where each Shomrim Channie gets to choose a different role in the running of our Camp, and contribute in the most hands-on, behind-the-scenes ways possible for the week. Shomrim Machaneh ends in an heart-warming Graduation, where Ze’ev ceremoniously graduates and are welcomed into the Bogrim body! Finally, Shomrim is tasked with tying up the entire Machaneh experience for everyone on site, as they lead us in our monumental Mifkad Eish ceremony on the beach on the last night of camp.

The responsibility of being a Shomrim Channich takes shape in their contribution to these projects, and in their acting as Maddies for a portion of Machaneh. However, this responsibility is paired with massive freedom and trust from their Maddies.  Ze’ev will be given some serious privileges as the oldest Channies on site. Without a bedtime or site restriction, Shomrim is allowed to explore the entirety of our wondrous campsite 24/7. From conceptualizing and leading their own projects, to hosting the late-night Shomrim radio, to re-visiting their memories as they graduate, to earning the urn, Shomrim is afforded the freedom to truly make the camp experience their own, and is encouraged to practice this freedom now and in their future with Habo. Ultimately, with their expertise, Ze’ev can expect to experience the most fulfilling Machaneh possible, through having a unique set of privileges and responsibilities, shaping them to be world-class future leaders but most importantly having untampered fun and freedom