Rosh Shtilim
Max Mendelow

I have been going to Habo Machanot for just under 10 years now, and every year I leave excited for the next to begin! Whether it was because my friends and I were on one huge getaway or because I needed to explore more of the lessons my Madrichim had to offer, I couldn’t get enough. Now, I feel this more than ever.

In my regular life, I’m a Mechatronic Engineering Student, but I can’t wait to be a sports star on our Hermanus beaches. While I usually play the bass guitar, I’m itching to belt out our classic camp tunes around the fire. And even while I usually get my steps in hiking with friends, I’m looking forward to trying to keep pace with the Shtilim Channies on our Tiyul. All of this is to say you can’t know me without knowing the alternate world I spend one month of my year in every December, and I can’t wait to introduce this world to a new year of Channies!

S’ganit Rosh Shtilim
Jordyn Budd

Hello! My name is Jordyn Budd and I am 21 years old. I am currently studying Forensic Science and Technology at The University of South Africa. 

I have been part of the Habonim Dror Movement since 2014 and can easily say that it has changed my life. I feel honoured to take on the role as S’ganit Rosh Shtilim and cannot wait to reconnect with all my Channies I met last year as a Shtilim Maddie. This time as a Rosh, I want to deepen the relationships I already have with these kids, and make new ones with first time campers! Habonim has allowed me to voice my opinion whilst making life-long friendships along the way. I cannot wait to give the same experience to these young Channichim!

Habonim Dror makes my life so beautiful, and it’ll make yours too!

The Shtilim Experience

The Green One

Shtilim means ‘saplings’ as these Channichim are our youngest and it is our job to nurture them as they become strong and independent. 

The educational theme for Shtilim Machaneh is community, allowing for Shtilim Channies to discover their new Habo environment and family, understand an individual’s role in a greater society, and learn about the beautiful Jewish community! On Shtilim Machaneh there are two major projects: the Shtilim Wedding from which they learn Jewish family values; and the Shtilim Kibbutz in which they take an active role in creating to encourage independence within a larger group while still contributing to a common goal. Each project aims for the Channies to engage with the idea of community in a tangible and fun way. The fun doesn’t stop there, as on Shtilim Machaneh there is no such thing as too much fun. From the Peulot, to Migdal jumping, to sports tournaments, to connecting with experienced Maddies, to spending time with friends on the beach or kikar!

In Addition to the normal 17 day camp experience offered to teens, this year we are offering a shortended 13 day camp to help our new and younger channichim ease into the camp environment. For garde 5s only we are offering a 10 day option as well for the same reasons.

These shorter camps encourage many young channichim to come to camp for the first or second time, where they will undoubtedly have the most educationally vibrant, fun-filled few days of their lives. We acknowledge that generally kids these ages might not be ready for the full Machaneh experience, however, you must know that a shorter camp is only almost as good as the ‘real thing’: this is only a taste before your child is ready for it!

Thus, the standard shtilim camp dates are the 14th-27th of December 2023 for both grade 5s and 6s, with only the garde 5s being offered the addition 10 day option from the 14th-24th of December 2023.