Habonim Machaneh Stages

Rebuilding and Replacing – Fundraising Appeal!

Shalom Chaverim!

We all have deep nostalgia and gratitude for the time we spent under summer sun in Onrus at Habonim Machaneh. The life-long friendships, the broadening of our minds and shaping of our values, the never-to-be-forgotten memories, and fun experienced are all so unique to Habonim Machaneh. And who could forget “close-the doors…“ and the machaneh mealtimes in the different chadre ochel.  Filled with ruach, getting smaller portions than all of your friends, eating together with your mates from across Southern Africa, and of course the wooden STAGES from whence the whole macheneh was orchestrated.

The wooden stages that can be found in each of the chadre ochel for every shichvah are the seminal pieces of furniture that feature in all of the peulot, tarbut evenings, hot chocolate and biscuits, and of course our memories. And while the same stages have been around for your machanot and in many cases, your childrens’ machanot, the time has come to replace them. Having been around for four decades, they are worn out and are starting to become safety hazards for the channichim who are now able to experience the joy of Habonim Machaneh. Hence we are embarking on a project to replace the 6 wooden stages on the Habonim Onrus campsite with brand new ones in time for Machaneh 2017. This task is very graciously being co-lead by (ex-)chaver Neville Sweijd and this year’s Rosh Techni Dean Goldin.

The total cost of the project is R65 000. We are appealing to all chaverim (especially to those of the 80s and 90s), who experienced machaneh in all of its glory, to donate towards this project in order for us to make it a reality. We have implemented the following tiered system of donation, although all donations of any denomination will be gratefully received. All contributions will be acknowledged on a plaque in the machsan tsiud. Those who are willing and able to “adopt a stage” will have their name attached to the stage on a brass plaque.

R10,800 (Chai x600)
A stage made in your name, with metal plaque.
R5,400 (Chai x300)
A stage made in your name & another donor’s name, with metal plaque.

Of course all donations, big and small, will be greatly appreciated and help towards rebuilding 6 new stages in time for Machaneh this December! Donations can be paid by Credit Card (using the buttons below) or by EFT to the following account:

Habonim Dror Foundation
Nedbank, Balfour Park (151105)
Account: 1511092491
Ref: Stages – “Your Name”
Please email your deposit slip to in order for us to properly thank you.

Note: Donations over R5,000 are tax deductible (Habonim can issue you a receipt).

Donate by Credit Card

Donate by Credit Card using our secure online facility below. Just enter in the amount of your donation as well as your name, and press Donate Now. After payment is made, please email your invoice to

*Only payments using Visa and Mastercard can be processed below. If you wish to pay with American Express, please get in touch with us so that we can direct you to the correct payment method.

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Stage Designs

For those who are interested, please find below the designs for the new stages!

Top View
Bottom View